RDX SMB Campaign

November 2013 to June 2014


We wanted to increase awareness of the core benefits of RDX amongst small businesses (typically one server) on two key points:

  • Why RDX is superior to other storage technologies, especially USB and DAT tape
  • Why simple price tag comparison is not a good criteria for judging RDX

We wanted to convert awareness to preference and purchase using a cash back incentive program for end users.  The other objective was to increase awareness of RDX core benefits amongst a channel partner audience that might have been unaware of these.

Number of countries running this campaign

RDX Co-Op Ad Templates for Resellers


The face of the campaign was a fictional character we called ‘Sam Small Business Man’.

Sam was envisaged to be a modern, dynamic, job creating, collaborative, “single server” business person/proprietor.  He would be the owner of a typical small business – we see his employees in some of the photos – so the aim was to create an ‘Everyman’ character whose experiences we can use to show that RDX is suitable for ‘everyday’ businesses.
Throughout the campaign, using different benefits, we tried to tie his challenges to the product value proposition and show how RDX adds value to his business.  Email marketing, ad templates, banners and other collateral/vehicles all featured Sam and his team: he was the ‘face’ of HP RDX during HP’s financial year 2014.

RDX Competitive Solution Sales Prompter