About Me

I feel strongly about far more things than I’ll ever be able to change or influence but I also believe it’s important to care about what kind of world we live in and how it could be made better. Perspective is greatly underrated in my opinion which is why I like to spend time on my bike, high up in mountains.

I enjoy living in the here and now and have wide ranging interests: I love music, film and the arts; I love going out as much as I love staying in; I like to travel; I’m sporty and athletic and I’m a sucker for new gadgets.

I don’t know why I’m here, or pretend to know more than anyone else about the big questions, but I know that one day, I won’t be ‘about’ or ‘me’. Until that time comes, I want to make the most of every possibility that presents itself.

Life is for soaring. Spread your wings. Fly!