Another question Theresa May extraordinarily refused to answer today was what she would say to Donald Trump about sexism.

“When I sit down, I think the biggest statement that will be made about the role of women is that I will be there as a female prime minister, directly talking to him about the interests we share.”

Far be it from me as a man to tell Mrs. May how she should feel as a woman about Donald Trump. But I totally disgree with her statement that just being in the room is going to make any difference to his attitude and the culture he symbolises. The fact that you are simply there as a female politician, even a female leader, makes no difference whatsoever, just as it made no difference when Hillary Clinton was running against Trump in the election.

It made no difference to the prejudice exhibited towards Barack Obama as a black man, just as it makes no difference when any individual, from any group suffering discrimination and prejudice, breaks through the clouds and has the privilege of standing in the sunshine.Being the lucky one is not enough if all you do is linger on the summit and take photos. You have to holler with all your might so the echo reverberates around the mountain tops and down into the valleys below. Everyone has to know so that more people are inspired to attempt the climb and those trying to stop them become fewer in number and find it harder to so.

Mrs. May, it’s just not enough just to ‘be there’, passively. In this awful climate and mood, it’s absolutely behoven on you as a successful woman to publicly and clearly call this bullshit out for what it is. As my Prime Minister and father of two wonderful daughters, I would implore you to set an example for them and the millions of women and girls around the world who marched against prejudice and discrimination only yesterday. Say what needs to be said about Syria, trade, Russia and all the other issues by all means. But don’t stay silent on this subject. It’s just as important as any of those.  Your place is to be seen and heard!