I have no idea what Philip Hammond is doing as Foreign Secretary since his views on foreigners – Europeans, the EU and now migrants – seem to be wholly negative.

His latest remarks on the immigration crisis in Calais are disgraceful even by his inadequate standards  Maybe if we hadn’t spent the last 200 years colonising migrants’ home countries; supporting appalling dictators and other so-called ‘democratic’ regimes that turn a blind eye to our multinationals draining the wealth of whole continents; arming dubious governments and groups that we then decide to get rid of when they stop turning a blind eye (leaving utter chaos in their wake); maybe if we hadn’t done these things, the migrants’ nations would be functioning states instead of hopeless enclosures of misery from which anyone would seek to flee.

Implying that we few, we happy few, on our sceptred isle, are imperilled by the migrants is not only a fool’s nonsense but also ignores our culpability for the migrant situation, which decades of foreign policy, increasingly recently, have conspired to bring about.