Got into an argument with a Tory troll on a forum this week, basically trotting out the same tired nonsense about Labour spending, “spending other peoples’ money” &etc. Which fantasy world do the pro-austerity tribe live in? Don’t they realise that under George Osborne, our deficit is now £100 billion even though he said in 2010 that it would be down to £40 billion by the end of the parliament. And our net debt in August 2014 was 77% of GDP, higher than at any point under the 13 years of Blair/Brown Labour. So who really is spending other peoples’ money? Looks like the Tories are better than anyone at creating debt and the saddest thing of all is that it’s all been self-inflicted. Expansionary austerity is a completely mythological beast. If one looked at the hard data from the OBR and ONS, one would know that the recession had nothing whatsoever to do with Labour profligacy and reckless spending. What it *did* have to do with was a global financial system, arranged on right wing policy agendas for the benefit of elite interests that have subsequently succeeded in pinning the blame on the left and the public sector. Damn right Labour needs to move to the left, not in a revolutionary sense but just to recover the sensible, centre-left position that would yield a landslide if only the shadow front bench would have the courage and charisma to articulate it.