Hurrying Home

Rush Hour in Hanoi



Windrush and the freedom we think nothing of.

Friday evening, Spring 2018. UK border control at Gatwick Airport. Long, long lines of people, of every origin and every creed, shuffling through the labyrinthine corridors of striped belt barrier that twist back and forth inside this vast, artificially lit chamber....

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The Brexit Sinkhole Beckons

It seems to me that the start of 2018 has been a watershed period marking a clear, unequivocal shift in the reasons and rationale behind Brexit. Until now, I think there has at least been a trace of intellectual consistency in the arguments of right wing politicians...

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Scaling Mount Coldplay

The path for any critically acclaimed artist with ambitions to become a household name must sometimes resemble a long hike up a mountain.  You start your journey at the trailhead, the equivalent of performing to a few hardy souls in an old parking garage in Poble...

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Blue is the colour

Still feeling very annoyed by the ludicrous amount of coverage being given to the triumphant decision of the British government to do something they’ve been free to do at any point in the last thirty years: change the colour of our passports from burgundy to blue. The...

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