Hurrying Home

Rush Hour in Hanoi



Cometh the hour, cometh the Pencil!

Theresa May’s lonely walk across a dark, windswept Downing Street was a potent symbol of the extent to which she is now a hostage to events she cannot control.  Instead of making the Brexit deal announcement from inside the Cabinet Room, surrounded by the collective,...

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The last hurrah. But nobody is cheering

It’s hard to believe that there was ever a time before Brexit, when progressives like myself would routinely rail against the bad faith and dishonesty of the Tories and their blasted austerity policy. But yesterday’s Budget rolled back the clock to the...

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España en la casa

Al final, España en la casa. For all those who worried about the England manager’s judgement in kind of, sort of, with best intentions, managing to lose the dead rubber against Belgium, it now appears to be a masterstroke. Because even allowing for the traditional...

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The Brexit party is over

Remember the sparklers you played with on Bonfire Night as a small child? How brightly they burned? How sad and confused you felt when the flames disappeared. Remember how you clutched the tip before anyone could stop you, to try and understand where the wonder had...

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Windrush and the freedom we think nothing of.

Friday evening, Spring 2018. UK border control at Gatwick Airport. Long, long lines of people, of every origin and every creed, shuffling through the labyrinthine corridors of striped belt barrier that twist back and forth inside this vast, artificially lit chamber....

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